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Solving Techniques

As a general strategy, you should always look for cells with minimum possible alternatives. The following tips can help you with the mission.

Find unique combinations. It is helpful to first discover all unique combinations in the puzzle. You can use this helper or the Unique combinations hint on Mobile Kakuro.

Look for intersections between unique combinations like we did in steps 1 and 3 in our example to find cells with single possible values.

Min-max intersection. This also can help you find single possibility cells (steps 2 and 3 in the example).

Cell exclusion. Look for the right place for a value which surely appears in a certain sequence (step 4 in the example).

Look for single possibility cells. After you have filled some cells, the number of possibilities for other cells has decreased as we took advantage in steps 5 and 6.

Another tricky technique is to look for a so called difference cell. Take a look at the highlighted cell. Obviously, the value which must stand there is (21+10) - (11+13) = 7.

And at last, if you feel stuck with the solution, of course you can try guesswork starting from cells with minimum possible alternatives.

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